ADVICE >>by Camille Mercogliano

  • ASK CAMIROSE: What King of Friend? & Special Message to Readers

    Dear Camirose, I have a close friend who has been in an extremely destructive/abusive “relationship” for four years. He is verbally and mentally abusive to her. He will scream in her face saying horrible things to her, grabs her and has even kicked her out of cars. He does drugs and I’ve told her that I believe he is an ...READ MORE »
  • ASK CAMIROSE: Move to the Side & Sick of Balls

    Dear Camirose, Do people on Fire Island have their heads up their butts? The other day I took the ferry over to Ocean Beach with my friend. It was not peak time or even a busy day. We got off the ferry and started to walk down the main street. A group of about five people came out of one ...READ MORE »
  • ASK CAMIROSE: Feeling Smothered and Lost at Sea

    Dear Camirose, I have one friend who prides herself on being a good person. But she doesn’t realize that she annoys everyone with the way she behaves. She is an active person and always seems to be out enjoying herself somewhere. But heaven help you if you do something with a mutual friend and do not include her. Recently a ...READ MORE »
  • Ask Camirose

    By Camille Mercogliano Dog Decisions and Job Transitions Dear Camirose, I married my college sweetheart several years ago, and moved into a cute little house in Kismet. We loved the feeling of “being away” year round. Two years ago we got a puppy, Nate, who we both really love. He travels back and forth with us when we go to ...READ MORE »
  • Ask Camirose

    By Camille Mercogliano Dear Camirose, My husband and I have been married for 20 years. We started coming out to Davis Park 25 years ago and purchased our home approximately 15 years ago. We have two children, a 16-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son. About the time our son was born, we met Frank and Maria, who bought the house ...READ MORE »