By Robert Levine
  • Rose’s View: Gay Paradise

    Rose’s View: Gay Paradise

    Cherry Grove By Robert Levine The 2018 Honors Dinner, sponsored by Cherry Grove Community Association Inc. (CGCAI), was held at the Community House on Saturday, Aug. 18. Two open bars were set up: one on the main floor, the next on the upper level roof patio with the new pergola overlooking the bay. The baby lamb chops, crab cakes, and ...READ MORE »
  • Cherry Grove: Rose’s View

    Cherry Grove: Rose’s View

    Tradition! By Robert Levine That’s the way it is in Cherry Grove. Year after year we have the “traditional” summer season. First with the Flea Market, our Homecoming Queen election, the PAWS benefit, Pride Parade, Invasion … then before you know it we are at the End of Season Ball. But let’s first talk about volleyball. Known as the Cherry ...READ MORE »
  • Cherry Grove

    Cherry Grove

    Rose’s View By Robert Levine I would like to thank all of you who attended “La Vie en Rose.” Thanks to George McGarvey, who designed a beautiful set, which I referred to as my salon on the Champs-Élysées; as well as a special thanks to Richard Cooley, who did my makeup. He has done more faces in Cherry Grove than ...READ MORE »
  • Fire Island Pines

    Fire Island Pines

    Rose’s View By Robert Levine We boarded the ferry and left the Grove. We cruised along the Great South Bay, arriving in Pines Harbor. Our ferry was packed with our bevy of 300 beauties. As we approached the entrance of the harbor, we were greeted with horns and whistles blowing, flags and hands waving. It was incredible. We slowly approached ...READ MORE »
  • Cherry Grove

    Cherry Grove

    Rose’s View By Robert Levine Invasion 43 Over and Out The balconies, ramps, windows, restaurants, and decks – the entire town was overflowing with people lined up a waiting for the arrival of Cherry Grove’s new Homecoming Queen Rose Levine. Diane Romano drove me in a cart through town waving and smiling to all the fans. The Queen’s entourage of ...READ MORE »