Horseshoe Crab Program at Fire Island Lighthouse

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What’s so special about Horseshoe Crabs? Why should we care about them? Join us at 7pm, on Saturday, May 18 to find out why these gentle creatures are so important to us. Take a walk with us on the bay beach while the sun is setting to look for horseshoe crabs. Suggested donation $2 per person.

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Interview: Dr. John Tanacredi – The Horseshoe Crab Whisperer

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By Shoshanna McCollum IN CERTAIN CIRCLES, Dr. John Tanacrdi has earned the moniker of “The Horseshoe Crab Guy.” Anything you ever wanted to know about horseshoe crabs, this was the man to ask. For over 12 years he was the Chairman of Dowling College’s Earth Marine Sciences Department, which earned the college notable prestige over the last decade. Now a professor …