Happy Days

By Leonard Feigenblatt (4 out of 5 Stars) Boston Court’s production of Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days was presented at the Flea Theatre through July 17 was a telling rendition of this classic allegorical play. There is Winnie, the middle-aged woman … Full Story

Nice Girl by Melissa Ross

By Leonard Feigenblatt (3 out of 5 Starts) Josephine is the “nice girl,” in her late 30’s, living with her controlling mother. When she was 18, she left home to attend Radcliffe on a scholarship. When her father died, she … Full Story


By Leonard Feigenblatt (Three-and-a Half out of Five Stars) The musical “Ever After” is based on the 1988 film, and is a refreshing take on the classic fairy tale Cinderella. It has a sweet musical score with by Zina Goldrich … Full Story

The Way We Get By Neil LaBute

By Leonard Feigenblatt (3 out of 5 stars) In Neil LaBute’s “The Way We Get By” Doug and Beth emerge from the bedroom where they have just spent the night together; and we learn in an interesting twist – that … Full Story

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The Audience by Peter Morgan

Review by Leonard Feigenblatt All hail the Queen! Dame Helen Mirren received a 2007 Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards, among others, for her portrayal of the current reigning British monarch Queen Elizabeth II for the 2006 film The Queen … Full Story