Editor’s Window: Golden Threads

By Shoshanna McCollum

When compiling any issue of this paper, patterns start to develop, often unintended. I like to call these manifestations common threads. In this case, the tapestry appears to have been woven by readers like yourselves. For starters, we received a higher than normal volume of letters to the editor, two with the focus of safety on Fire Island, one in particular that caught my attention addressed bicycle safety. Where I live in Ocean Beach the debate on bicycles became pretty intense on social media, as it often does by August. The following Sunday, Hugh O’Brien submitted his Saltaire column punctually, and what was his opening subject? Bicycle safety!

I know there is a habit among some of us when we pick up the paper to go right to the community column of our residence, glance at a few articles of interest, and then skim over everything else. However it is a good idea to see what’s going on in someone else’s backyard. To the folks in the Ocean Beach area who were emoting on the bicycle subject on this island without cars (myself included), perhaps read the Saltaire column and consider the subject again with fresh eyes.

Every community here is unique, and yet we all share that common thread that makes us Fire Islanders – that golden thread if you will. There are many such golden threads in this issue. Read about the lifeguards on Fire Island celebrating 25 years of tournaments and their camaraderie on the beach, a female volleyball league that chooses Cherry Grove as the headquarters of their big tournament, as well as the dedicated people gathering in Ocean Bay Park who participate in the Run for Rose. Enjoy the coverage of gala dances that celebrate summer held by Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society and the Ocean Beach Community Fund, and of the many art festivals and exhibits that remind us that Fire Island is a place of beauty, creativity, and of course those golden threads.

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Shoshanna M.

Shoshanna M.

Shoshanna McCollum is editor of Fire Island News. Author of two books, and award-winning journalist for multiple Fire Island and South Shore Long Island publications since 2000, she resides year round on Fire Island with her husband and many cats.

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