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By Emily Sunshine Brafman

Brrrrrr…….. That’s my initial memory of Memorial Day Weekend. Sometimes I should just listen to my mother. Thursday night as I packed bathing suits, skirts, flip flops and shorts, I heard her words from our couch on Pine Walk, under many blankets, one year ago almost to the day. “It’s always cold on Memorial Day Weekend. Everyone expects it to be warm and summery but it’s always cold!” Well she was right, but that didn’t stop Fair Harbor from having a great kick off weekend.


You just never know when another first in one’s life might occur. Well about two weeks ago was the FIRST time my 6-year-old daughter Celia got caught in the baby swings! At first we laughed and made jokes as I pulled her by her armpits. I expected her to slide right out but it did not work. I called my friend over to help. She pulled the swing as I continued to try to lift her out. Her legs were swelling and laughter turned into tears. Then a third friend came to help. We all stayed calm and reassured Celia that everything was all right. In my head I began to contemplate calling the fire department, thinking they might have to use the Jaws of Life to cut her out! Suddenly my friend said, “Turn her over!” I kneeled down flipped her over and held her from below as the other two mommies pried her out of the swing.

Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend, we spent the afternoon at the bay on Saturday. We had company out for the day and were sitting on the bench enjoying island life with them. The sun was shining and the children were plentiful. Everyone was getting into the swing of summer. My son, Nicky, was involved in a major water gun fight and Celia was doing somersaults in the bay water. Suddenly, my husband got up and started running towards the swings. I looked over and I knew exactly what was happening … another girl was stuck in the baby swing. With this first behind me, I followed my husband, screaming, “Turn her over, turn her over,” which they did and another little lady was released from the baby swing without the Jaws of Life. I share this story to remind all of the mommies and daddies of Fair Harbor that the baby swings are for babies. If you have a big kid, stick to the big kid swings and when in doubt, TURN THEM OVER!


Though there was a chill in the air, the sky did not disappoint. It glowed like it was the middle of July. Many people made their way to the dock to talk with friends and have an evening cocktail. Le Dock was packed with diners and the people I spoke to loved their meals. I stopped into the bar for a drink with my friends and I learned that the late night theme was snow bunnies and surf bums! Though I didn’t stay for the festivities, I’m sure the outfits were entertaining.


Sunday morning started at the pancake breakfast hosted by the Fair Harbor Fire Department. The FHFD fire fighters were there and putting 100 percent into the morning. There was more than enough food and everything was cooked to perfection. My kids and nephew gobbled up pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. A sweet little girl came over to us and gave them goodie bags filled with fire department treats as well as a fire hat! After breakfast we went outside to take a photo with a real fire fighter in a truck and then the kids were treated to a private tour of the firehouse. I was really impressed with the pancake breakfast. It was a great family event and all had fun.


Meet my tomato plants. I bought them from the flower shop at the bay, for a reasonable $4 a plant, I decided on triplets. I bought Early Girl Tomatoes, which are medium size varieties that grow and ripen fast. I wasn’t able to replant them because I could not buy a large planter in Fair Harbor. Gardener Bea is babysitting for the triplets until I return to the beach. She said it is fine to keep the plants in their starter pots for a couple of weeks. When I do replant, I will need to soak the roots to loosen them so that they will soak up water when they move into their new home.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine, laughter and maybe even a dip in the ocean! Feel free to e-mail me with news, events or exciting Fair Harbor happenings at fairharbor@fireisland-news.com


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